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How is e-satisfaction different from the competitors?


Are you using one of the following tools? Learn how is e-satisfaction different from the competition:


If you are using Hotjar you do care a lot about how your website looks and how easy it is to be used by visitors. It is a great Conversion Rate Optimization tool, but:

  • You have very few info about the commercial experience of your customers (e.g. variety of products)
  • You will only use it in a CRO project and then close it
  • You cannot trigger marketing actions with this information!

Get Five Stars

If you are using Get five stars you have made your first steps to collecting feedback from visitors of your website. This is good as are starting to recognize the value of your customer’s voices, but:

  • Do you know who said what so that you can act on this feedback?
  • Are you asking the correct things in the correct way?
  • Do you ask visitors or customers?
  • How do you leverage this feedback?


You have centralized the help desk. Wouldn’t it be great if an ongoing tool was there to collect feedback from your customers and feed this tool with additional info (satisfaction scores and comments about a specific experience)


You can ask customers in a lot of ways but do you connect this feedback with specific customers to know who said what and act on this feedback? Do you know what to ask your customers or do you spend all your effort trying to detect and fix minor website issues? Are your customers satisfied by the variety and quality of your products? How do you know that? Do you continuously get feedback on how orders are fulfilled?


You pay a significant amount of money to ask visitors of your website tons of things, but do you it in a systematic way? How do you use these data and how manageable are they? Can you trigger marketing actions based on these data and how easy is it for you to do it?


Reevoo has been built to provide product reviews and even though it does provide a piece of customer experience review, this is not their core business, so they do not focus on it. It is way more expensive and way more difficult to get it installed and up and working. Moreover, it works for specific industries (i.e. technology) 


We are a perfect fit. We already have a close collaboration and you can enrich automations that can be triggered through moosend with customer experience information to create even more advanced automations


There is already a process of integrating Contact Pigeon and e-satisfaction, so soon you will have customer experience data combined with user behavior data to trigger advanced automations

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