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A step-by-step guide: Create your Refer a Friend campaign!


To create your Refer a Friend campaign you will have to login to your account on e-satisfaction’s dashboard, go under the section “e-shop Configuration → Humanized Marketing Automations Settings → Library → New entry”. Select Refer a Friend from the drop-down menu and follow the steps bellow.


Before creating and launching your own Refer campaign, you will need to follow this guide to prepare

  • visual which will motivate the referrer to fill in the e-mail of a friend
  • two html files that will include two different discount codes (one for the referrer and one for the referred)

Now let's start setting up your Refer a Friend campaign! :)

Step 1: Automation

Define the name of your campaign. For example: Refer a Friend-Check out.  refer_a_friend_campaign_name.PNG   


Step 2: Visual


Once you upload your visual, you will be able to see a preview of it. 

Fill in the text of your Call to Action button, choose its color and you're done!  

Step 3: Newsletter Referrer

After preparing the HTML files for the newsletters, you will have to set up the newsletter for the Referrer, following these simple steps.

1. Subject: Fill in the Subject of your campaign. This is the subject title that will appear in your recipients' inbox (referrer).



2. In the last step, you will have to upload the html file you have already prepared for the referrers.


Important note: The HTML file should contain the {$coupon} variable. If you have selected the No coupon option, the {$coupon} variable should not be included in the HTML file.

Step 4: Newsletter Referred

Now you will have to follow again the same steps as before.

1. Decide the subject of the e-mail for the referred.

2. The HTML file for the referred should contain the {$coupon} and a {$name} variable,  show the referrers e-mail address to motivate the referred user and create more trust. 

Step 5: General Configuration

In case you have uploaded a CSV file with a list of coupons, you will have to fill in

  • the e-mail on which you wish to receive your low coupons volume alert
  • the remaining number of coupons you want to be alerted for.


Now click "Save"!

Step 6: Coupons


1. Referrer Coupon: You can select the coupon type of your newsletter. You have three options regarding the type of your campaign.

  • single code, a single coupon code for the referrers
  • a list of coupons. Upload a CSV file with the coupons for the referrers
  • no coupon.


2. Select the Reffered Coupon Type.

Step 7: Set up your campaign

In this final step, you will have to go under the section “Humanized Marketing Automations Setting  --> Campaigns  --> New Entry”.

1: Select the customer segment to display your humanized marketing automation.

      Here you can find more information about each customer segment.

2: Select your preferred automation, i.e. Refer a Friend, Callback Request etc.

3: Click on “Create”


Horrayyyyy, you just launched your Refer a Friend campaign!!!


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