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Activate the Facebook Feature! A step by step guide


Step 1: Login to your account on e-satisfaction’s dashboard and go under the section “e-shop Configuration --> Humanized Marketing Automations Settings --> Library --> New entry” and select Facebook from the drop-down menu.


Step 2: Define the name of your campaign. For example: Facebook Like Page-Check out.


Step 3: Select Type, namely select whether you want to motivate your customer to like your Facebook Page (Facebook Like Page) or to display one of your Facebook Post and motivate them to interact with it (Facebook Embedded Post).

Step 4: Insert the link of your Facebook Page or the link of the Facebook Post you want to be displayed.

Step 5: Set up your campaign

In this final step, you will have to go under the section “Humanized Marketing Automations Setting  --> Campaigns  --> New Entry”.

1: Select the customer segment to display your humanized marketing automation.

      Here you can find more information about each customer segment.

2: Select your preferred automation, i.e. Refer a Friend, Callback Request etc.

3: Click on “Create”


Horrayyyy!!! After the successful completion of the Check out and/or the After Sales questionnaire your customers will be motivated to either like your Facebook Page or interact with one of your Facebook Posts.

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