The #1 Humanized Marketing Platform

How it works?


Mike buys something from your physical store and a moment after he gets out of your store he receives an SMS asking him about his buying experience!

This is the moment of truth! Mike is able to evaluate the store, the staff & the products and answer all questions here or everything else you wish to ask him, in just 30 seconds!

The same moment you have access to e-satisfaction's dashboard so that you can see Mike's answers, and everyone else takes part in your omnichannel survey, and:

  • Compare the performance of the different stores you own
  • Compare the performance of each store with the rest of the network
  • Make personalized humanized marketing automation based on the experience your customer had when buying offline


This is cool, right? :)

If you are interested in using Omnichannel surveys the first thing you need to do is to talk to us. We can discuss your needs and provide you with specific information about the process. Then, just follow the steps here to set up your omnichannel survey for your business!


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