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Set up your Omnichannel Survey: A step by step Guide



So, you decided to take your business one step forward by using the omnichannel survey? We are really happy to hear that. The process to set up the omnichannel survey is simple. Just need to follow these 5 steps. 

Ready? :)

Step 1: 

Make sure you let us know that you wish to set up your omnichannel survey so that we can Activate the Omni stage for your account and give you the license for the whole Omni configuration process!

Step 2: 

Now you will need to login to e-satisfaction’s dashboard and go to the section “e-shop  Configuration → Stage Configuration → Omni Configuration” and fill in the information to activate the Omnichannel mechanism. For more information follow the guide here.

Step 3: 

Prepare the Order list with the specific data required for the omni survey to be send. Find here all the information needed to prepare the order list.

Step 4:

Now that the order list is ready, there are 2 ways to push these data to us:

1.Login to e-satisfaction's dashboard, go under the section “Dashboard → Omni → Data" and upload the CSV file

2. Use e-satisfaction's API to automatically push the data so that the pending orders for the Omnichannel survey will be always up to date! 

Step 5: 

Aaaaaaand... you 're done! 

If you have done everything as described above, you will be able to see your first Omni data in e-satisfaction's dashboard!


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