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Are there any e-shops that have already used Custom Questions and shared their benefits with you?


Most e-shops have used custom questions to learn more about their customer preferences and to increase their happiness.

Custom questions will not guarantee an increase in your customers’ happiness but taking action and improving your e-shop in regard to your customers’ feedback will help you take one step further toward customer centricity, which will increase your customers’ happiness.

An e-Business, created the following custom question to identify what its visitors and customers would like to find in the e-shop:

Which product category you would like us to enrich?

From the 1.251 visitors and customers that answered the above question the e-shop extracted the following information and reacted accordingly to the collected feedback:

  • Home Decoration: 643 people clicked on this answers
  • Curtains: 329 people clicked on this answers
  • Baby Products: 207 people clicked on this answers
  • Professional Equipment: 72 people clicked on this answers

Another e-Business, asked their visitors and consumers the following question:

What is the purpose of your visit to our e-shop?

54% of the visitors and customers visited the e-shop to get more information about the products, while 30% had as primary aim to purchase. Another valuable result, indicated that there was a great interest for the contests the e-shop was launching from time to time. Therefore, the e-shop took into consideration the possibility of redesigning their contest page to generate more leads.


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