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In which language are the questionnaires displayed?


You can choose your preferred language in which you want the questionnaires to be displayed.

To do so, you will have to log in to dashboard and go under the section “e-shop  Configuration General Settings”.

A. Select between Greek, English, Spanish, Catalan, Romanian and save your option!



B. If you are worried about your site visitors' language preferences, we have the perfect solution for you! You can activate the Auto Language Detection and sleep tight! The questionnaires will appear in your users' preferred language!


C. In case your site supports more than 1 languages, you will have the choice to push your preferred language during the integration process.

In more detail, in the script that displays the questionnaire you will have to add:

_esatisf.push(['_lang', 'esat_supported_lang']);

`esat_supported_lang` is the preferred language you wish to be injected in every case.


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