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I want to choose a plan. How can I do it?


You want to choose a plan and you don’t know how?

First, you will have to login to your account on e-satisfaction’s dashboard and go under the section “e-shop Configuration →  Billing Settings”. 

Now, you will have to follow the steps bellow.

Step 1: You must fill in your Billing Information so we will be able to send you your purchase invoice.


Step 2: Under the section Payment Methods you can select and manage your preferred payment method. You can either pay by card or by bank transfer.


Note: You can change your preferred payment method at any time!


Step 3: Under the section Choose your plan you can complete the purchase of your annual or monthly plan. The selection of the proper plan depends on your monthly transactions. For example, for e-shops with:

  • Rookie Level: corresponds to 50 customer experiences
  • Rising Level: correspond to 500 customer experiences
  • Mature Level: corresponds to 2000 customer experiences
  • Legend Level: corresponds to 2000+ customer experiences

Next, you will find a table where you can explore and compare the features that are offered in each plan. By moving your mouse in the customer experience bar, you are selecting the total customer experiences you need per month.


Finally, scroll down and select your plan (Ask, Understand or Leverage) and you will see a message with your selected plan and its total cost. Click on complete your purchase and your plan will be immediately activated!


Important: In the selection of an annual plan we offer you a total discount of 20%!

Hooray!! You have just completed your purchase! :)


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