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No data available! What might be wrong?


Have you logged in your account and found that in the Check out and/or After Sales there are no data available?

We advise you to check one of the following:

  • if the integration process has been successfully completed for the Check out and the After Sales stage. If the process is found to be unsuccessful you can find a step by step integration guide here.
  • if the Check out and/or the After Sales stages have been deactivated from the dashboard. To check it, you should login to the dashboard, go under the section “e-shop Configuration → Stage Configuration”. Choose the Check out and/or the After Sales stage and check whether these stages are active.  


  • if the Check out questionnaire is displayed in a high position in the “Thank you for your order” page. We advise you, to place the Check out questionnaire as high as possible to be seen from your customers and motivate them to give you their feedback.
  • if the After Sales e-mail is sent either before the delivery of order or several days after delivery, which operates as a prevention to successfully submit the questionnaire. It is very useful to check the maximum number of days needed for delivery and adapting the changes, if necessary.

If you have checked all the above and nothing seems to work, contact our team through our website or dashboard chat.

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