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Refer a Friend campaign Visual Guidelines



Before creating and launching your own Refer Campaign, you will need to create a visual which will motivate the referrer to fill in the e-mail of a friend.

Although all the visuals are mobile responsive, to ensure that the text message and the dimensions of the visuals would not be affected by the mobile device are opened then we suggest to create visuals with the following 600 height x 450 width

Suggested size: 150 KB 

Supported image types: png, jpg, gif


Below you can find an example of this visual: 



The form is automatically added by e-satisfaction, when the campaign in displayed to your customer! The form color and the button (text and color) is configurable.

The moment the referrer submits their friend's email address, both the referrer and the referred received an e-mail with different discount coupons that they will be able to use on their next purchase.


So, the next step is to prepare Two Html files that will include two different discount codes (one for the referrer and one for the referred)  

We recommend you that the two Html files are similar to the format of the newsletters that your e-Business sends! That is, to include a header, footer, and links from your social media accounts. 

Important note: 

Insert Coupon

The two Html files should also contain a %{coupon} variable.

If you have selected the no coupon option, the %{coupon} variable should not be included in the Html file!

Inform the referred person who the referrer is

The Html file for the referred should contain a %{responder.metadata.email} variable, which will push the referrers e-mail address variable to motivate the referred user and create more trust.



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