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How can I create a Custom Question?


To create your own questions, you will have to log in the dashboard and go under the section “e-shop Configuration → Custom Questions”. You will find, there, valuable information regarding the maximum characters per questions and answers in each stage and you will also know which characters are accepted.

After clicking on New Entry, you will be asked to fill in the stage on which you wish to display your questions, the question’s language, question title and the question type. 

In more detail, we support the following question types:

1. Star Rating

Your visitors and/ or customers can rate your question on a scale from 1 to 10.

custom_browse.PNG    custom_checkout_starrating.PNG

2. Radio Button

You can add specific answers from which your visitors and/ or customers can choose the one that fits best to their opinion.

custom_browse_radio_button.PNG custom_checkout_radio.PNG


3. Open Question

A question with an open space where your visitors and/ or customers can freely provide their feedback with a comment.

   browse_custom.PNG custom_checkout_open.PNG

When you have inserted the needed information you can click the “Status” button to Activate your question and then click on “Create”.

Hoorrayyy!! You have now created your own question!!!

Note: All fill-in fields have a tooltip which briefly explains which information should be inserted.   

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