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Basic Information


Integration instructions can be easily understood by your technical contact. An average of 5-10 minutes is needed to integrate e-satisfaction to your e-shop.

Before you begin integration, you should first find and note the following information:

  • your_site_id - A unique identifier of your website
  • your_auth_key - A series of characters and numbers that is used to securely identify your website
  • your_public_api_key - A piece of text that is used for authentication
  • your_private_api_key - A piece of text that is used for authentication

All these information can be found in e-satisfaction dashboard, under Configuration -> Integration Guide.

In the following image you can find a snapshot of where you can find this info:

If you found this information, you are ready to proceed with the next steps of the integration.

What is next?

If you are using one of the following platforms, we have great news for you! We have developed and provide you, free of charge, advanced modules that make integration a 2-click process, so click on the link that corresponds to the platform you are using:

Not using one of these platforms? Do not worry, the integration process is still fast and easy and you can find a step by step guide by clicking here.

We look forward to start exploring the amazing world of customer happiness, so do not miss another minute and start leveraging the power of loyal customers!

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