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When do the questions appear in the Browse Stage?


The questions in the Browsing Stage appear randomly when your e-shop's visitors spend significant time browsing. Actually, it's you can set the actual condition you want the browse questions to appear.

To do so, you will have to log to your account on e-satisfaction’s dashboard and go under the section "e-shop Configuration --> Stage Configuration --> Browse Configuration"

Now, you will have to choose to display a question to visitors after being on your website for certain minutes. (e.g 2 minutes),


and finally, set the number of pages viewed before displaying a question to your visitors (e.g 4 pages).


Oh! Don't worry about spamming your visitors. We hate that, too! For this reason we appear 1 question in each of your visitors and we have a cookie policy. Each time they answer one of the questions in the Browsing stage, the questions won't appear for the next 15 days.





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