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I have Magento version 1.9.x. Can I integrate e-satisfaction easily?


In case you are operating an e-shop based on Magento version 1.9.x, integration is extremely simple, fast and easy! 

Our team has developed and provides you an advanced plugin for Magento that automated e-satisfaction's installation process and also integrates customer feedback in the back office interface of the Magento platform! So after integrating e-satisfaction plugin for Magento, you will be able to:

  • track in a blink of an eye which orders need your attention, which clients rated their experience and what orders have a comment.
  • view comments and ratings for each order, without having to login to e-satisfaction's dashboard 
  • be informed on the satisfaction history of each customer, in the "customers" section of Magento

To start using e-satisfaction in Magento, all you have to do is to complete these steps!

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