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Can I cancel the delivery of the After Sales questionnaire?


One or more of your orders has been cancelled? 

Don't worry, we have everything covered for you!!

You may cancel the After Sales questionnaire delivery for either specific orders or massively.

To do so, you will have to log in to dashboard and go under the section “e-shop  Configuration → Stage Configuration → After Sales Configuration”

Cancel After Sales for Specific Orders

You can cancel the delivery of the After Sales questionnaire for specific orders! All you have to do is fill in the order ID and click on the "Cancel After Sales" button. If you want to cancel more than one, you will have to fill in all the order ID's separated with a comma (e.g. 1728778902,5486987269,7845625989)

Massive Cancellation of After Sales

In case of massive cancellation of the After Sales questionnaire delivery, you should upload a .CSV file with the cancelled Order IDs and click on the "Massive Cancellation of After Sales" button. The file should follow with the following guidlines:

  • The uploaded file should have a .CSV format
  • The name of the file should be the date with the following order: YearMonthDay.csv (For example: 20160506.csv)
  • The file should contain only one column with the order IDs that you do not wish to receive the After Sales Survey.

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