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Badge Configuration: Metrics



Badge data are generated from the responses you collect from your Questionnaires. This information is collected on a daily basis and displayed into your website. In more detail, indicators are calculated from your customers’ reviews from all your Questionnaires.

Badge Metrics

You can select which metrics will appear on your Badge by checking the Metrics panel on your Badge section:



Metrics are selected from a set of questions that are activated directly from e-satisfaction.

NOTE: Metrics are connected with Template Questionnaires.

Primary Metric

There is one Primary Metric, the one displayed on the Badge itself (bar or banner). You can select any question from the Primary Metric dropdown:


You can also select the type of calculation for this metric on the second column:


Tip: Set your highest score as the primary metric.

You can select one of the following:

  • Average
  • Accepted Values


It will calculate the average number from the given responses for the selected timespan.

Accepted Values

It will calculate the percentage of a given values over all values.

Example: 9, 10 over all will calculate the number of responses with values 9 or 10 over all

You can define which values to select:


Secondary Metric - Lightbox

Similar to your Primary Metric, you can select a Secondary Metric which will be displayed on the Lightbox. On the Lightbox both Primary and Secondary Metrics will be displayed, side by side.

Additionally, you can select to display the N top metrics (with the highest score on average) from your Questionnaires on the Lightbox:


Finally, you can select to display comments that your customers submit, and determine the number of comments will be displayed:


NOTE: Current implementation does not support moderation and all last comments will be displayed.

Upload Badge Data

Badge Metric Data are being calculated once per day. If, however, you change your metrics and immediately apply them, you can use the "Upload your data" panel:


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