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Which information is presented on the badge?


All the information displayed on the badge of e-satisfaction is dynamic. In more detail, indicators are calculated from your customers’ reviews on the After Sales stage, for the past year. If an e-shop does not have data from one year ago, then the indicators are calculated from the time that the e-shop started collecting responses in the After Sales stage.

Below you may find the information that will appear on the badge:

  • The overall customer satisfaction
  • The percentage of customers who would buy again from the e-shop
  • The e-shop’s distinction at 3 indicators with the highest average score (i.e. wide variety of products, good prices, availability of products)
  • The last two comments submitted to the e-shop in the After Sales stage

Note: e-Satisfaction by default will not show your clients’ comments as the comments may contain data that the e-shop does not wish to demonstrate publicly.

If you would like to enable the appearance of the last two comments in your badge, please inform us via e-mail at tech@e-satisfaction.com or by phone at +302118003728

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