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Which metrics are presented on the badge?


All the information displayed on the badge of e-satisfaction is dynamic. In more detail, indicators are calculated from your customers’ reviews on the After Sales stage. The indicators are calculated from the time that the e-shop started collecting responses in the After Sales stage.

Below you may find the information that will appear on the badge:

  • The overall customer satisfaction
  • The percentage of customers would suggest your e-shop to a friend/relative 
  • The percentage of customers who would buy again from the e-shop


The badge can display only two of the above metrics. We suggest to select the metrics with the highest scores, as those are shaped by your customer feedback.


How can I edit the metrics are displayed on the Badge?

To select the metrics, go to your dashboard to the Customer Experience Badge section, and there you will find the tab called Metrics. 


Primary Metric is the one which is displayed on the badge firstly. Secondary is the one which is hidden and a user should click upon the badge to unfold it.

Tip: Set as the primary metric your highest score

Additionally, you can select to display comments that your customers submit, and determine the number of comments will be displayed. 

Note: You cannot decide the comments will be demonstrated on the badge. Any comment submitted by a customer (positive or negative) may be appeared. 

If you would like to enable the appearance of the comments in your badge, you need to go to layout setting of customer experience badge and turn on this option. 



When you finish the changes, do not forget to save them. Also, there is a second step to make the changes live. 

Below the Metrics Tab, there is the upload your data table. 

Go there and press the button: Upload Badge Data

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