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Our team believes that the creation of your own questions can help you gather specific information about your customers and use them in a creative way!

There are no restrictions in the questions. You may ask your visitors and/ or customers whatever you wish. For example, if your e-Business intends to bring a new brand on board you may ask your visitors if they would be excited to see this brand in your e-shop. We recommend, to create questions according to your e-Business needs.

Below you can see some of the custom questions that have already been used from other e-Businesses:

  • How you learnt about us?
  • Which product category would you like us to enrich?
  • Which products would you like to see on sale?
  • What can we change to become better?
  • What is the purpose of your visit to our e-shop?
  • You searched for a specific product and didn’t find it? What was it?
  • Did you find our offers attractive?
  • Are you satisfied with our chat service?
  • Are you satisfied with the payment and shipping information provided?
  • Were the search filters helpful in finding the product you wanted?


Important: the above questions are indicative and you may customize them as you wish!

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