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I know the order ID of a customer; can I export my data to find their e-mail?


It is very easy to export your e-satisfaction’s data and find a customer’s e-mail that corresponds to a unique order ID and review!

First, you should login to your account on e-satisfaction’s dashboard and go under the section “Dashboard”.

Next, you must select the stage from which you wish to export data (Browse, Check out or After Sales).

For example, by clicking on Checkout --> Detailed, you will have two options:

  • Export detailed results

  • Export e-mail list

If you choose to export e-mail list, you can choose to either export all your customer’s e-mails or select the e-mails of different customer segments (happy, unhappy, promoters, detractors)! Exporting the e-mails of a certain customer segment, for example unhappy, can give you the opportunity to act upon increasing your customer's happiness.

Note: In the Ask plan, the correlation between order ID and your customer’s review and e-mail is not supported.


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