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Some errors appeared while integrating e-satisfaction’s library. What shall I do?


A) The first thing you should check is whether you have integrated e-satisfaction in the footer of your e-shop and therefore our script is loaded to all pages of your website. As a result, e-satisfaction’s library can be pushed and our ready to ask questions will appear to your visitors while they are browsing.

B) If a “do not appear error” is found, the site ID might not be the correct one. You may find your site ID in e-satisfaction’s dashboard, under the section “e-shop Configuration  Integration Guide”.

C) If an "unauthorized error 403" appear, you should check whether your e-shop’s URL is in accordance with the URL you filled into the dashboard.

- For example, if your site's URL is "example.com" and during the registration you filled "www.example.com" you should contact us because they are not in accordance and the configuration cannot be achieved.

- If you are trying to integrate e-satisfaction to a test environment you should first add this URL as a new account in e-satisfaction's dashboard and then complete the integration.

If you still face problems with the integration of e-satisfaction’s dashboard, contact our team at support@e-satisfaction.com and we will contact you shortly.


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