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About Badge



The badge is a distinctive "mark" that captures in real time the satisfaction score and reviews of your customers from your Application Questionnaires.

The badge is a proven sales tool for an e-Business as it demonstrates the authentic ratings of customers.

By placing the badge in your website your e-business will obtain an effective weapon that will help increase the confidence of your clients.

While having the badge in your e-shop you can easily advertise the overall customer service your e-business provides, gaining ground in the battle of excellent customer experience and displaying your exceptional professional image to your potential customers.

Legal Protection

Each e-shop is legally protected for the use of the Badge, as the illustrated data is not personalized data but indicators. Furthermore, according to the terms of use that each e-shop has accepted when registering for e-satisfaction, the indicators that appear on the Badge are not property of e-Satisfaction but property of each e-shop.

Badge Layout

Read more about Badge Configuration: Layout.

Badge Metrics

Read more about Badge Configuration: Metrics.

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