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Which features are included in each plan?


Each plan includes certain features. In more detail: 

The Ask Plan includes:

  • Holistic customer satisfaction measurement (while a visitor is browsing on your e-shop, after a customer has completed their transaction and upon delivery)
  • Ready-to-ask questions
  • Mobile responsive questionnaires
  • Customer comments
  • Real-time dashboard
  • Net promoter score tracking
  • Detailed data export
  • Automated language detection

The Ask+Understand Plan includes:

  • Everything included in the Ask plan
  • Create your own questions in all stages (Custom questions)
  • Correlate an order ID to your customer's e-mail and review
  • Compare your e-Business with the rest of the market (You vs Market)
  • Export your data according to your customers reviews and separate them in segments (happy, neutral, unhappy, promoters, neutral and detractors)
  • Connect your e-commerce platform or any third party services with e-satisfaction's API merging all needed information (i.e. sales data, customer profile)

The Ask+Understand+Leverage Plan includes:

  • Everything included in the Ask + Understand plan
  • Automated alerts when a dissatisfied customer is detected and when your e-Business recieves a comment in order to be immediately informed and interact with your customers
  • Customer Feedback Automations according to your customer's feedback (i.e. Facebook like page, Facebook contest, Instagram follow, Refer a Friend, Callback Request, Skroutz reviews etc.)
  • Customer Experience Badge
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