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We are excited to announce the brand new e-satisfaction.com!

Want to know what's new? Continue reading this article and take a sneak peek of our exciting new features.


Questionnaire Flows

It all starts with the journey of the customer. If your Business belongs to one of the following flavors, then we have Ready to use questionnaire flows with Out of the box questions per stage of the journey!


Otherwise, you may select the Custom Business Flow to create your own Custom Questionnaires. 


Questionnaires Custom Look & Feel

Except from the questionnaire's content, even if you have selected one of our fixed flows, you can also customize the questionnaire's Look & Feel.

  • Add your Logo (and Branded Colors)

  • Change the Questionnaire Title and Subtitle.

  • Add a Background Image to the questionnaires you will send to your customers and give them a unique experience!


Different ways to Ask for Feedback

Integrate and Display a Questionnaire into your site  

You can ask for your customer’s feedback while they are browsing your site - for example, the moment they completed their ordering/booking/request an offer process. (embedded Questionnaire or e-satisfaction's Box)

Send a Questionnaire's link via email/SMS/Viber message

You can also send your customer an email or SMS to ask for their feedback.


Advanced Questionnaire Settings

In our dashboard you will have the change to easily and quickly update the following Advanced Settings for each questionnaire: 

Valid Days: When you send a questionnaire to your customers you can choose in how many days it will be expired

Editable: Do you want to give your customers the option to edit their answers after they have submitted their responses?

Custom Fields (Metadata): Is there any further information about the responder of the questionnaire that you want to have access to? (eg. demographics, items per order, etc)

Frequency CapDefine the days for which your questionnaire will not be displayed to customers that have already seen it.

Blacklist: Choose multiple URLs in which you do not want the box questionnaire to be displayed.



The Pipeline is the Handler of a sending queue. You can create one or more pipelines if you want to perform Α/Β Testing.

Custom Segments / Automated Marketing Campaigns

You finally have the option to create a customer segment based on their responses to a specific questionnaire. 

Once you have created your segments, you can leverage your Customer's Feedback by activating one of the following Automated Marketing Campaigns:

  • Customer Recovery Callback Request
  • Refer a Friend
  • Google Place Review
  • Image Display
  • Facebook Post
  • Follow up Questionnaire

User Monitors/Alerts

Now you will have the option to select the conditions under which you want to be alerted.

Do you want to be alerted whenever you receive a new comment that contains a specific word? Or whenever a customer gives a specific answer to a question?

You can create your own custom monitors and you will have access to the Monitor Manager so that you can check an issue the moment it will be resolved


Brand New Dashboard

By signing up to our Brand New Dashboard, you will try all the features mentioned above and you will have the option to create visuals for the most important questions, combine data and have access to really useful insights for your Business.

So, are you excited?

We will be more than happy if you will join our Beta Testing Version and be one of our first customers that will try our new features.

To Get Started you will need to Create your Account here and follow the Steps you will find in this Guide (link missing).

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