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Omnichannel Questionnaires and Sequences



The Omnichannel Sequence describes the journey of your customer from the moment they browsing your e-shop to the moment they have their order delivered to their place (or pick it up from the store).

This article describes all the Questionnaires included in the Omnichannel Business and all the Flow transitions between them.


Omnichannel Questionnaires are the following:

Questionnaire Preview (English) Preview (Greek)
Browse Preview Preview
Checkout Preview Preview
After Delivery Preview Preview
Store Pick-up Preview Preview
Offline Preview Preview

Template Questionnaires are not fully functional, so you can check all the Questions included in each one of them.

Sequences Transitions

Omnichannel type includes the following transitions:

From Questionnaire To Questionnaire Condition(s)
Checkout After Sales store_pickup = false
Checkout Store Pickup store_pickup = true
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