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What is the transition process to the new Platform?


Below you will find all the necessary information about the transition process to the new e-satisfaction and it's new platform! 😊

What shall I do to have access to the new platform?

e-satisfaction team has already created your new account. The only thing we need from you it is your verification to transfer the ownership of your new account. 

Contact us at: c.success@e-satisfaction.com and let the journey begin!

Should I integrate a new script to my site?


The first step you should do is to remove the old integration script from your website. You may find the integration script of the previous e-satisfaction platform under the section "e-shop Configuration -> Integration Guidelines".

Moreover, you should go under the section "e-shop Configuration -> Stage Configuration". Now, choose each stage at a time (Browse, Check out & After Sales) and deactivate it. 

To activate the new e-satisfaction and leveraging all our new capabilities, improvements and features you will have to integrate a new script to your site. Click here to find detailed integration guidelines!

What about my data, custom questions & automated marketing campaigns?

You have nothing to worry about!

We will transfer all your data from the "old" dashboard to the new one! 

Although you will have to set up your custom questions and automated marketing campaigns in the beautiful interface of our new platform!

We have your back and we are always here to help you! 😊

Should I create the marketing campaigns again?


During the migration from the old to new dashboard, the campaigns would be active as long as you have the e-satisfaction script at your site. When you remove the old e-satisfaction from your dashboard, then the campaigns automatically would stop being shown to your customers. 

By the time you complete the integration process of new e-satisfaction, you will be able to activate the campaigns again. Since the requirements would not change, you can always use the marketing materials (pictures, newsletters etc) you have already created.

In case you want to activate a new type of campaign, then we will send to you the relative guidelines!

Will I have access to the old dashboard?

You will continue to have access to the old dashboard and to the data you have already collected. However, since you have completed the integration process of the new e-satisfaction, your data and all configuration related to your account can only be found in our new platform!

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