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In order to successfully integrate e-satisfaction into your e-shop, please read below the basic terminology of e-satisfaction dashboard: Applications and Questionnaires


  • Applications are the core elements of e-satisfaction.com dashboard. They are consisted of questionnaires and flows that connect questionnaires between them
  • An application can be an e-shop, a physical store, or in general any journey for which you want to get feedback, even if it takes place across different touchpoints.
  • We provide out of the box a specific set of Application Types, with pre-defined questionnaires and flows, to help customers in their first steps with e-satisfaction.com. When a customer creates an application for a specific type of questionnaires, questions and flows are automatically created in this application.



  • Questionnaires are included in applications.
  • Each questionnaire has a separate/unique questionnaire id
  • Out of the box provided application type, Questionnaires have a specific content specific type and are automatically created.


For the scope of the Omnichannel Retail Integration Guidance, we will focus on the 4 questionnaires related to the omnichannel commerce application type - Browse, Checkout, Aftersales, Store Pick up




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