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Collect important information - IDs


Before you start the integration process, you should first find and note the following information:


The Application ID can be found in the Application Settings page of the application that has been created.


QUESTIONNAIRE-IDs (multiple ids)

You can find the Questionnaire ID for EVERY questionnaire in the Questionnaire Settings section which is located in each questionnaire

For omnichannel retail, you will need the Questionnaire IDs for:

  • Browse Questionnaire (BROWSE-QUESTIONNAIRE-ID)
  • Checkout Questionnaire (CHECKOUT-QUESTIONNAIRE-ID)
  • Home Delivery Questionnaire (HOME-DELIVERY-QUESTIONNAIRE-ID)
  • Store Pickup Questionnaire (STORE-PICKUP-QUESTIONNAIRE-ID)



#Step 1 : Go to Distribution Page of After sales Questionnaire 



#Step 2 : In the middle of the page, you will find the After Sales Pipeline Box. Click on the gear to find the pipeline ID


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