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Ιntegration Step 1: Core Library


The integration code includes a simple script that has to be loaded to the site to allow the e-satisfaction integration and collection. 

The integration and script require jQuery to work but it does not include it by default.

Step 3.1: 

Place the following script in the head section of your website.

window.esat_config = {
application_id: 'YOUR-APPLICATION-ID'

Step 3.2:

Place the following script in the footer section of your website.

If your website includes already a jQuery, you should choose the integration without jQuery embedded.

// Choose one of the following options, based on you have jquery library installed:

// **Without jquery**:
<script src="https://collection.e-satisfaction.com/dist/js/integration.min.js"></script>

// **With jquery (The jQuery version that is embedded: jquery-3.2.1.js):**
<script src="https://collection.e-satisfaction.com/dist/js/integration.jq.min.js"></script>



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