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3. Integration Step 1: Core Library


The integration code includes a simple script that has to be loaded to the site to allow the e-satisfaction integration and collection. 

The integration and script require jQuery to work but it does not include it by default.

1. Place the following script in the head section of your website.

window.esat_config = {
application_id: 'YOUR-APPLICATION-ID'

2. If your website includes already a jQuery, you should choose the integration without jQuery embedded.

// Choose one of the following options, based on you have jquery library installed:

// **Without jquery**:
<script src="https://collection.e-satisfaction.com/dist/js/integration.min.js"></script>

// **With jquery (The jQuery version that is embedded: jquery-3.2.1.js):**
<script src="https://collection.e-satisfaction.com/dist/js/integration.jq.min.js"></script>



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