The #1 Humanized Marketing Platform

Testing Scenarios


Step 1 – Browse the e-shop

  • Task: Go through multiple pages in the e-shop, ensuring that you spend more than 1 minute browsing
  • Expected behavior: a small icon on the bottom right or left side of the screen will be displayed. Click it and complete the questionnaire


Step 2 – Checkout

  • Task: make a purchase. Go through the checkout process, make the payment and reach the checkout success page. Do this twice. The first time choose home delivery and the second pickup from store
  • Expected behavior: an integrated questionnaire should be displayed on the checkout success page. Complete the questionnaire and click submit.


Step 3 – After Sales

  • Task: Check the email you provided during checkout.
  • Expected behavior: You should see two emails, one for home delivery and one for store pickup. Click the links in the emails, fill the questionnaires and click submit.
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