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What data we store?


e-satisfaction.com has been designed to be almost person - agnostic. Multiple flavors of e-satisfaction.com use different kind of data, some of which may be characterised as personal data or Personal Identifiable Information. In most of the cases, the personal data that we collect can be summarized as follows:

Data of our clients

We store data of the registered users of e-satisfaction.com (that is our clients and everyone that has access to the accounts our clients use). To be able to provide these users access to the data that they collect through e-satisfaction.com and to allow them to perform configurations in our platform we collect the following data:

  • Name and surname
  • Contact information (i.e. email address, telephone number)
  • Invoicing information (company name, VAT no, telephone)
  • information on how you use our services
  • Device fingerprinting information (language of browser, type of device, browser version, OS)
  • Location from where you access our dashboard


Data of the clients of our clients (end consumers)

The core service we provide is collection of feedback from end consumers, on behalf of our clients that use our service. The integration process of e-satisfaction.com allows our clients to pass on information to make the feedback more specific and more actionable. In this context, the information of end customers we collect and store is:

  • Feedback provided by the customer
  • Device fingerprinting information (language of browser, type of device, browser version, OS)
  • Contact information (email address, telephone number)
  • Identifier of a specific transaction, as provided by our clients (we cannot identify customers through this, but our clients can)


As we value privacy high in our agenda, we always try to design e-satisfaction.com to work with the minimum required data.


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