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Applications are the core elements of e-satisfaction.com dashboard. They consist of questionnaires and flows that connect different questionnaires between them.

An application can be an e-shop, a physical store, or in general any journey for which you want to get feedback, even if it takes place across different touch-points.

We provide a specific set of Application Types, with out-of-the box and pre-defined Template Questionnaires and Flows, to help our customers in their first steps with e-satisfaction.com. When a customer creates an application for a specific type of questionnaires, questions and flows are automatically created in this application:

Application Flow

It all starts with the journey of the your customer. If your Business belongs to one of the following flavors, then we have Ready to use questionnaire flows with Out of the box questions per stage of the journey!

Custom Business

If you are not an Omnichannel Retailer or you are not belong to Online Food Delivery, select Custom Business. In case you are either an omnichannel retailer or an online food deliver business and you want to run a custom customer survey (for instance you want to ask feedback for your new product) then choose custom business application type.

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