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Metadata are the information that can be combined with an answer to a questionnaire. 

You are able to create your own metadata referring to the responder of the questionnaire and to the questionnaire.

During the integration process and the API Call you can push any information is related with the order (questionnaire metadata, e.g. transaction_id, basket etc) or the responder/customer (responder metadata, e.g. gender, product category, etc).

You will be able to use this information to create customer segments, alerts and advanced reporting.

You may find all the preset metadata (e.g. transaction_id, email) in the Application Settings à Application Metadata and create your own.

Available metadata types are: text, number, date, boolean.

Responder's Metadata

The metadata for the responder is their phone number or their email.

Is there any further information about the responder of the questionnaire that you want to have access to? (eg. age, gender, basket size, etc)

Questionnaire's Metadata

Examples of questionnaire's metadata are:

  • country
  • transaction date
  • transaction id (order id, booking id, etc)
  • user agent (device, bowser, etc)


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