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This article will guide you through the e-satisfaction simple installation using Javascript code. It will allow the e-satisfaction Product Reviews Badge to appear to your site.

Before we Start

This guide will show you the main Javascript code and some examples on how to install the e-satisfaction badge script to your website.

However, since it's a library embedded to other websites, there are some restrictions regarding the jQuery version, the Operating System and the Browser.

Badge Configuration

IMPORTANT: In order for the badge to be displayed, you have to visit your dashboard and update all the display settings for your badge in the application profile page. All the settings will be applied immediately.

OS and Browser Compatibility

Although we are trying to keep our Script as clean and as tidy as possible, we cannot cover all Operating Systems and Browsers.

Read more about our OS and Browser Compatibility.

Information Needed

One final step before we start installing the e-satisfaction JavaScript Library, we are going to need get the Application Id from the dashboard settings, as the screenshot displays:

Product Id

The Product Reviews Badge should be installed on the Product Page, for each product. Thus, both Application id and Product id should be provided to the code below so that the proper reviews are being displayed on the product.

The Product id is the one given when the Product was created and you can find it here:



To install successfully the code you should:

  1. place the following script on each product page of your website
  2. replace YOUR-APPLICATION-ID with the application id that you got from the previous step and
  3. replace PRODUCT-ID with the product id on each page
(function (w, d, id, sku, o) {
// Define e-satisfaction badge configuration
o = o || {};
o.application_id = id;
o.product_sku = sku;
w.esat_pr_badge = o;

// Setup script
var l = function () {
var r = d.getElementsByTagName('script')[0], s =
s.async = true;
s.src = 'https://cdn.e-satisfaction.com/clients/products/badge/v1.0/js/integration.js';
r.parentNode.insertBefore(s, r);

// Attach script or run script if document is loaded
"complete" === d.readyState ? l() : (w.attachEvent ? w.attachEvent("onload", l) : w.addEventListener("load", l, false));
})(window, document, 'YOUR-APPLICATION-ID', 'PRODUCT-ID', {});



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