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How can I create my account at e-satisfaction?



How do I create account?

It is so easy to create your account at e-satisfaction.com platform. 

You should visit the register page: Register Page and fill in your personal data (name, email). Automatically you will receive an email to verify your email address. It is not necessary to have the verification simultaneously. You can do this later! 

So, what's next? Log in your account and complete the onboarding process. 


The scope of onboarding process (link) is to set up your account.

The first time you log in, you will be asked to create application for your business. 

Applications are the core elements of e-satisfaction.com dashboard and can be an e-shop, a physical store or any other organization/service from which you want to collect feedback. Each application is consisted of ready-to-go questionnaires and predefined questionnaires flows. 

The 3-step onboarding process is the following:


1. Welcome Page 

No actions required. Press Next to Continue!



2. Choose application type for your business. 

There are 3 different application types you can select: Omnichannel Retail, Online food delivery & Custom Business.

  • If you are a physical store which has online orders, an e-shop or just a physical store, select Omnichannel Type. 
  • If you belong in the Online Food Industry, then we have already prepared for you specific questionnaires which corresponds your needs. The suitable application type for you is Online Food Delivery. 
  • If you do not belong to any of the above categories or you want to create your own custom questionnaires for a specific purpose (e.g you launched a new product and you want to run a custom questionnaire to customers who bought it) choose Custom Business . 






3. Set up your application

After selecting your application type, fill in the name of your application and if you want, you can invite your colleagues to join your application. 


Keep in mind that this step is optional! 


The Onboarding process is successfully completed! 

You have created your user profile, your application and your organization in which the application belongs to.  

The role of organization is administrative. Meaning that, one organization can manage more than one application. To add a new application, select "Create New Application" and follow the above procedure. The organization is named after your  username (but you can change its name if you want) and is created automatically. 


If you faced any problem during the procedure, please contact us: Talk to us!


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