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On-boarding Process

The scope of the on-boarding process (link) is to set up your account.

The first time you log in, you will be asked to create application for your business.

Applications are the core elements of e-satisfaction.com dashboard and can be an e-shop, a physical store or any other organization/service.

The 3-step on-boarding process is the following:

a. Welcome Page

No actions required. Press Next to Continue!


b. Choose application type for your business

There are 3 different application types you can select: Omnichannel Retail, Online food delivery & Custom Business.

  • If you are a physical store which has online orders, an e-shop or just a physical store, select Omnichannel Type. 
  • If you belong in the Online Food Industry, then we have already prepared for you specific questionnaires which corresponds your needs. The suitable application type for you is Online Food Delivery. 
  • If you do not belong to any of the above categories or you want to create your own custom questionnaires for a specific purpose (e.g you launched a new product and you want to run a custom questionnaire to customers who bought it) choose Custom Business . 



c. Set up your application

After selecting the appropriate application type for your business, fill in the name of your application - it can be the same with the name of your e-shop/business. 

Moreover if you want, you can invite your colleagues to join your application. Of course, you can skip this step for now! 



Yeah! Now you have everything you need to complete the on-boarding process! 

If you face any clarification or you have any concerns about the application type you should select, please contact us: Talk to us!

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