Enabling Customer Centricity

User Roles



The Organization represents your Company and might have more than one Application. Applications are the main Entity of e-satisfaction.com and gather data and information of your Questionnaires.


The user who created the Application and the Organization, is the Owner of the Account. The owner is the only one who has access to the Organization Settings and they are able to:

  • Edit the Application/Organization information
  • Delete the Application/Organization
  • Move the Application to another Organization
  • Transfer the ownership of the  Application/Organization


The Admin of the Organization/Application has access to all the Features and Settings, except from the above.


The Reporting User is an Application Level User Role. Users with Reporting rights are able to view all the information related to the data of the questionnaires included to an Application, i.e:

  • View and Edit the questionnaire Charts, Customer Comments and Questionnaire’s Raw Data
  • View only the items of a Pipeline Queue
  • View only the active Marketing Campaigns and Customer Segments
  • View and Create new Monitors - cannot delete the existing
  • View Monitor Instances and mark them as Resolve

Campaign Manager

The Campaign Manager of an Application could be your company’s Marketeer.

They have access to the following:

  • Marketing Campaign Statistics and Settings
  • Customer Segments Settings
  • Monitors - view only and create new
  • Questionnaire’ s statistics, view only - We want them to be able to view the data of a questionnaire, so that can decide for which customers segment they would create Marketing Campaigns
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