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I have created my account. What is next?


e-satisfaction is the #1 Humanized Marketing Platform that empowers different type of businesses to collect valuable feedback from their customers and act upon it. 

Now that you have completed the onboarding process and you have selected your application type, here are the 3 fundamental steps you should follow to start utilizing e-satisfaction.

Step 1: Send installation guidelines to your tech team 

e-satisfaction installation process is really easy and needs just few minutes to be done. 

For those that use Prestashop as e-commerce platform, our team has developed a plugin that is compatible with PrestaShop Therefore, you just need to download it and follow the instructions inside.

In any other case, you can share the Installation Guidelines with your team.

Step 2: Messaging providers 

Through e-satisfaction platform you can distribute dynamic questionnaires to your customers in order to evaluate their orders from your business. 

Therefore, you need to set the messaging provider of your application. A messaging provider is consisted of two parts: the email sender & messaging platform. 

From your Application Home Page, select Application Settings and go to Messaging Provider Tab.


When you press the button Create New, the below window opens at your screen:


At the blank cells you need to fill in: 

Channel Type: Email, SMS or Viber. At this moment select "Email"

Handler: We offer you a great variety of messaging platforms to choose. Select the one you already use. Alternative, you can use e-satisfaction account (by moosend)

Handler Title: Write down the name of the messaging provider that you use

Sender: The email address from which you want to send the questionnaires to your customer.

We suggest to select your business email address to be more personal and increase the likelihood to receive a response from your customer. 

When you complete all the mandatory fields, press save and you are done! 😊

Step 3: Product Tour

The last but not least is to learn more about what e-satisfaction.com provides to you. 

You can take a glimpse of e-satisfaction features from your home page.

On top of your home page, you can see the questionnaires, which are distributed by e-satisfaction platform. 


The questionnaires are categorized into 5 stages: Browse, Checkout, Aftersales, Store pick up and Offiline. Each questionnaire is defined by its own group of questions, settings and distribution settings. 

Learn more about questionnaires here: Feedback 

Following the questionnaires, there is the table referring to campaigns.


Marketing Campaigns are the automated actions that are happened after a customer submits a questionnaire. Automatically, customers are categorized into customer segments and they receive in real time a Call to Action according to their responses.


That is how you can create your own marketing campaigns work: Marketing Campaigns & Customer Segments.

I hope you find this article useful and to feel ready to explore the Humanized Marketing World. 🌍

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