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Omnichannel Questionnaire Templates


e-satisfaction provides you ready-to-use questionnaires to collect feedback from your customers. Questionnaires are separated into 5 stages according to customer journey. 

Browse stage: 

It is actually the first touch point between you and the user. The user navigates your website and he/she is asked to answer on of the following questions randomly. 

Preview: Browse questionnaire 

Checkout Stage: 

An order is submitted. Automatically, a questionnaire is displayed on customer's screen, inviting him/her to evaluate the purchase procedure.  

Preview: Checkout questionnaire 

After Sales & Store Pickup Stage: 

The customer receives their order. Here we detect two cases: 

Home Delivery. By the time the customer has received the order, the After Sales Questionnaire is sent to them

Preview: After sales questionnaire 

Store Pick Up - The customer has selected to pick up their order from the store

 Preview: Store Pick up questionnaire 

Offline Questionnaire: 

If you have a physical store with a structured loyalty program, then you get the chance to discover the opinion of your customers through the Offline Questionnaire - preview


Note: All the questionnaires are provided to English and Greek Version too.

The questions included to the template questionnaires are not editable, neither you can deactivate them.

Although you have the option o ADD your custom questions. Read more info in this article.

To read more about questionnaire templates, follow this Section: Feedback

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