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Feedback: Reporting Overview


e-satisfaction platform provides you in real time the impressions of your customers while they interact with your business. 

From the home page of your Application, select the questionnaire you want to see the responses. 



Following under the tab with your logo, you can find the tab "Reporting"



The reporting of the questionnaire is consisted of 3 elements: 

  • Charts: e-satisfaction team has created charts to watch specific metrics such as Customer Satisfaction (CSAT). Charts demonstrates an overall perspective of how satisfied your customers are and presents the quantitative data of the questionnaire (the number of responses, average CSAT) 
  • Comments: It is the qualitative Each type of questionnaires can include one or more open text questions. To get the responses of open text questions you need to select Comments.  
  • Raw data: In general raw data is any information is correlated with a responder or a questionnaire. It might be the answer of a question, a questionnaire metadata (like transaction date, responder channel identifier etc) and responder metadata (such as email, phone number). 


Comments and Raw data are the qualitative data of your accountYou can export the data you need anytime. The data can be exported to an excel file. 

If you want to match an answer with a customer/responder, select comments and press the icon "View Details". 



Then,you will see a card with all the related information (Questionnaire Instance Details) to this comment.



In this way, you are always alert on who customer answered what and take action according to the feedback. 

Through e-satisfaction, you get to know your customers and understand their needs or their challenges. 

Don't miss the opportunity to utilize effectively those information! 

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