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Questionnaires' Reporting : Charts


By creating your account, we have preset for you a group of charts to start measuring your customer satisfaction. 

The predefined charts are: 

Number of responses: The number of responses has been received. 


CSAT Average: It is a metric for the average customer satisfaction of your business. it is estimated by dividing the the sum up of question "How satisfied are you with our e-shop?" with the number of responses.


Customer Segmentation based on CSAT: This chart shows the percentage of your customers that are: 

  • Happy ( CSAT>=9)
  • Neutral (CSAT>6 & CSAT<9) 
  • Unhappy (CSAT<=6) 



Customer Segmentation based on NPS (net promoter score): This chart presents the percentage of your customers that are: 

  • Promoters ( NPS > 8) 
  • Passive (NPS> 6 & NPS < 9)
  • Detractors (NPS <=6) 


NPS over time: The fluctuation of NPS relatively with time (can be daily, weekly etc) 




  • Data are updated in real time.
  • The charts are interrelated with responses of a questionnaire and they do not aggregate the responses of the questionnaires. 



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