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How can I add new user?


To invite your colleagues to join your application, log in your dashboard and select Users from the side bar (it is under the configuration section).

The Users Page includes: 

  • The list of users 
  • The role of each user
  • The emails of users

To add a user click upon the button:  Add User (it is on your right) 

You can add as many users as you want, granting them specific rights for your application. In brief, the roles you can assign to users are: 

  1. Admin: The admin user has access to all the features and settings of applications
  2. Reporting: Users with reporting rights are able to VIEW but not edit all the information related to application
  3. Campaign Manager: It could be your company's Marketeer 

Read more information about User Roles n Rights here: User Roles

Fill in the user email, the user name (optional) and determine the best user role per person. 

By the time you have completed all the mandatory fields, press SAVE. 

The person would receive an automated email invitation to create its own account at e-satisfaction in order to gain access to the application. 

You can check if a person accepted your invitation, from the users list 😊

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