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In this article you will be able to customize your questionnaire's theme, as it appears to your end-users.

NOTE: You have to have the "Custom Questionnaire Theme" feature enabled in your Application Plan.

Questionnaire Background

Navigate to the Questionnaire Loon n Feel customization section and check your Theme Settings panel:

Activate your Theme

First step is to activate your theme. By enabling it, you will be able to set your logo, background color and background image.

Your Logo

The default Questionnaire icon is the e-satisfaction's logo:

Set Questionnaire Icon

You can customize your Questionnaire's Icon by clicking on the icon displayed on the left sidebar:

By activating your logo, you will have to:

  1. Set a new Questionnaire Icon
  2. Activate your Questionnaire Theme
  3. Enable Your Logo switch

Which will result in the following display:

The only limitation is that the icon should be max 200KB.

Background color

Moreover, you can customize the background color of the questionnaire. This background is only visible in standalone Questionnaires through a link (e.g. public link).

Feel free to choose any color bets suits your branding.

Background Image

Finally, you can set a background image for your questionnaire. This background image is only visible in standalone Questionnaires through a link (e.g. public link).

To better adjust your image, you should consider that the questionnaire's dimensions are the following:

  • Width: 900px
  • Height: height can vary based on the questions and the length of the questionnaire

It is recommended that if the background image has elements (text, logos, etc), you should design those elements to its right and left, with a distance greater than 900px between them.

Next Steps

You can also set a Custom Thank You Page.

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