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Guidelines: Look n Feel Customization


1. Questionnaire

Click the link to preview the default look n feel of the questionnaire

Questionnaire’ s dimensions

width: 900 px

high:  1.150 px

What is customizable? 

1. Add your Logo to the Questionnaire (max image size 2mb)
2. Add Background Color (hex color eg #ffffff)
3. Add Background image (recommended image dimensions 1.920x1.180)

Recommendation 📍

We recommend to choose a background hex color that is similar to the background image.

Important Note📌

The only limitation is the questionnaire’ s width, 900px.

If the background image has elements (text, logos, etc), you should design those elements to its right and left, with a distance greater than 900px between them. 


How a customized look questionnaire looks like: (link)

2. Thank you Page

When a questionnaire is completed, a “Thank you message” is displayed to your customer screen.

The default thank you page has dimensions: 760x377 px.

On the backdrop will be displayed the questionnaire’ s background image or/and the background color you selected on step 1.

You can customize the Thank you page by creating a HTML page and by uploading it at Look n Feel Customization Settings.


Default version of “Thank you page”


 3. After Sales Email template

The default version of after sales email template is the following:


What can you customize?

  • The message subject.

Default message subject : “ Your opinion matters! “

❕ Remember to select something that will increase the Open rate

  • The message body (Create a HTML page)


Recommendation 📍

When you start creating the HTML page, keep in mind that after sales email is part of customer journey. Therefore, use colors, images and font compatible with your brand. As follows, you increase the likelihood to get a response from your customer.

The content may be similar to a newsletter one, just simpler and for sure shorter.

Important Note📌

Also, remind to your customers that this message is interrelated with a transaction between them and your business by adding variables like %{metadata.transaction_id}.

Last but not least, to make the submission button clickable add the following variable : href="%{collection_url}"

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