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The new version of e-satisfaction.com explained! 🎉


e-satisfaction.com has recently reached the 4th year of its existence.

As the process of getting better and adjusting to your needs is a never ending journey for us, we are proud and happy to make available a radically new version of e-satisfaction.com, based on all the learnings we got during these years! 

The new, major release, of e-satisfaction.com is finally here and here's what is changing in this version!

#1 eCommerce feedback goes Omnichannel

We indeed started from e-commerce but the e-commerce has changed. We do not distinguish online from offline any more, just as the consumer does not do it either.

In this version we are introducing the omnichannel application type! Buying from a store or buying online, selecting either home delivery or store pickup, we got you covered!


#2 Better, richer and branded feedback

We always look for ways to make the feedback process more effective. In this new version we have made some important changes we are really excited about:

Change #1

Metadata is a newly introduced feature that enables you to add any respondent or transaction relative information you want (i.e. gender, segment, transaction product) and use it to personalize the experience you deliver to the customer.


Change #2

Branding is important for a lot of our clients and we respect that.

Now, you can add your logos on the questionnaire, customize texts and even add a backdrop behind the questionnaire, making it a marketing tool. Let them get the message!

#3 New automation - Drive location reviews

We tested a new automation and it is ready. Now when you spot an ambassador through e-satisfaction.com you can ask her to leave a review on Google Maps / Google Places / Skroutz or Facebook


We make it easy, you make it happen! 

#4 New, actionable and powerful dashboard

We have made a number of changes in how our dashboard is structured and used. The user environment is more pleasant, just like we want your feedback to be, while now you have the power to:

  • create custom charts
  • configure when and how you want to be alerted, through customized monitors and alerts
  • track performance of campaigns through the dashboard in real time 

Our dashboard has been designed to help you take action to customer feedback and this is why we are always adding more features that help you respond to what your customers tell you! 

Are you excited? 🎉

This is only a small set of what you can do with the new dashboard. To Get Started you will need to Create your Account here and follow the steps you will find in this guide.

What are you waiting for? Sign in and start growing your loyal fan base who will lead you to success!

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