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Activate email Notifications (Alerts)


You have created your alerts, but you are not notified when a monitor is triggered? Do not worry!

Below you can find a checklist to verify that everything is set up properly! 

1. The monitor is active

The first thing you should do is to make sure that the monitor has been saved and is active. 

Go to your dashboard, select Alerts.


From the Monitors tab you will view all the monitors, verify that the Watch button is on! 


 2. E-mail Notifications are on

To start receiving email alerts, you need to activate the email notification feature from your user profile page. 

To view your user profile settings, click on the button on the top right of your home page, and click on the User Profile.

At e-satisfaction platform, you have the opportunity to be informed about events related to your application and the customers of your e-shop. You can receive in app notifications or/and to be alerted through e-mail. It's up to you to determine the way. 

From the User Profile Settings, you can edit the notifications settings. 



There you can find all the type of notifications. Select the "Trigger Subscribed Monitor" and click the box : Email . Do not forget press Save at the end of page! Now, the monitors will be sent to your email as well. 

Web notifications (in app) are by default active! 

3. Check your email Spam Folder 

Due to the great amount of emails that we accept daily, some emails are moved to the spam folder. Make sure that the alerts are not received there! 

4. Your user role has the right to receive alerts 

As we have already explained, each user is granted with specific roles and rights at e-satisfaction dashboard. Contact the owner or the admin of the application to make sure that you have the right to view the alerts. 

If you continue not receiving alerts, contact us at support@e-satisfaction.com to fix this together! 






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