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Questionnaire Display Language



In this article we will display how you can display your questionnaire in various languages for your end-users.

Display Language

In case your site supports more than 1 languages, you will have to choose your preferred language in the integration settings.

Language Auto-Detection

You can enable language auto-detection and display the Questionnaire to your user's language. Auto-detection will read Browser's transmitted languages and will choose the first available from e-satisfaction system:

Example: "Accept-Language: en-US,en;q=0.9,el;q=0.8"
Fallback list: en-US (en-us), el, en (platform default)

Language-Specific Display

Although the auto-detection logic works for most of the users, there are times where you need to display the questionnaire in a specific language. You should first deactivate the Auto-Detection and select your preferred language:

NOTE: If you turn off the auto language detection, you can choose only one language.

Different Language on Demand

There are websites that have different display language based on user settings or on the page url.

If this is the case for your website, you can Override the Questionnaire Integration Settings to push the propel language each time.

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