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Box Questionnaire is not displayed


Box and Box Classic (popup) Layout

This article includes some common troubleshooting techniques to check why your questionnaire, using box or box_classic type of integration, is not displayed.

Troubleshooting Checks

Check 1: Ensure that it is active

This format by default is NOT active in your brand new profile in e-satisfaction.com, so before doing anything else, you need to activate it. To do this, you should go to the application that the issue appears on and in the Questionnaires section click on the name of the questionnaire that you want to be displayed (for Omnichannel it will be the Browse questionnaire etc.).

Scroll down a bit and you will find the Distribution section and click on the Web Integration tab to see the following screen:

From these settings you will be able to turn on and off the questionnaire. Make sure that the following settings have been setup:

Check Name


Questionnaire is active

Active = On

Questionnaire is active on mobile

Mobile = On

Check 2: Check when it is set to be displayed

As there are several advanced rules that can be applied on this questionnaire, it would be a good idea to know and examine when these questionnaires should be displayed, by examining the Frequency Cap and Delay Cap settings (explained here). You can adjust these values to plain minimum (0 minutes) and check that the box is displayed. After that you can set it back to the value you want.

If you don't have access to the e-satisfaction dashboard, here are some extra tips (for developers):

  • Check your console, in the Network Tab and look for the file integration.json. You should be able to see all the loaded settings for each questionnaire. You can check the following values:
    • Delay Cap
    • Frequency Cap
    • Blacklist
    • Whitelist
  • Check your LocalStorage the variable with name esat_collection and check the following values:
    • init_date: The date when the script initialized
    • in_delay_cap: Whether the questionnaire is in delay cap. It should get out of the delay cap when now >= init_date + delay_cap
    • in_frequency_cap: Whether the questionnaire is in frequency cap. It should get out of the frequency cap when now >= init_date + frequency_cap
  • Override questionnaire settings and set delay and frequency caps to 0

In case that you have frequency cap enabled, it would be good to make a hard refresh or use a different browser to make your tests or even clear the cache of your computer (including local storage) before loading the page again to see if the questionnaire is displayed.

Check 3: Check your blacklist (or whitelist)

An extremely useful feature that lets you control when the questionnaires are displayed is the Blacklist / Whitelist functionalities, which work as follows (described here in more detail):

  • You want the questionnaire NOT to be displayed in a specific page or similar pages => Blacklist these pages
  • You want the questionnaire to be displayed ONLY on specific pages or similar pages => Whitelist

It is advised to check your settings to ensure that the page you are trying to view the questionnaire if it is in the blacklist or if you have an active whitelist that prevents its from been displayed. Ideally, remove all settings, test and then start adding one by one the URLs in this list.

Final Step: Reach for help

If none of the above steps worked for you, you can Submit a request and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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