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Integration Guidelines | Prestashop Plugin


We love making things easy for you! This is why we are putting loads of effort to develop plugins, addons and modules for widely used platforms, which you can use to make integration an issue of a few clicks. 

In this article you can find how to integrate e-satisfaction.com on Prestashop by using the Prestashop add-ons that our team developed for you to use.

Step 1 - Preparation

Before you do anything else, you must find and download the correct module package, from the following links, depending on the Prestashop version you use:

After downloading the package, you should do the following actions:

  • Unzip the downloaded zip
  • Rename the included folder to "esatisfaction"
  • Re-zip 

Step 2 - Upload

The next step is to login to Prestashop (with admin rights) and locate the modules section. In PrestaShop 1.7 this page looks like the following snapshot

In this page you can see on the top right section the "Upload a module" button. Click it and upload the pack that you have created after step 1.

Step 3 - Configure IDs

After sucessfully installing the plugin, navigate to the "Installed modules" section and locate the e-satisfaction module, as shown in the following snapshot.

Click on "Configure" button to start setting up the configuration details for the module, that are shown to the following screen:

The configurations / settings that need to be filled in this page are the following:

Parameter Where you can find it in e-satisfaction.com dashboard

Application ID

Application Home -> Application Settings -> Application ID

Checkout - Questionnaire ID

Application Home -> Questionnaires -> Checkout -> Questionnaire Settings -> Questionnaire ID

After Delivery - Questionnaire ID

Application Home -> Questionnaires -> After Sales -> Questionnaire Settings -> Questionnaire ID

After Delivery - Pipeline ID

Application Home -> Questionnaires -> After Sales -> Distribution

Click on the "Edit" icon of After Sales Pipeline. The ID is shown on the top left

Store Pickup - Questionnaire ID

Application Home -> Questionnaires -> Store Pickup-> Questionnaire Settings -> Questionnaire ID

Store Pickup - Pipeline ID

Application Home -> Questionnaires -> Store Pickup -> Distribution

Click on the "Edit" icon of Store Pickup Pipeline. The ID is shown on the top left

The last parameter that needs to be filled is the API Authentication Token, which is needed control access and proper authorization for this connection. To get or create an authentication token, you must find the User Menu on the top right and click "User Profile"

Here is where you can manage your personal profile, define the security settings and many more. To get an authentication token, scroll down to finf the "Authentication Tokens" box and click on "Create New" button. In the box that appears, define a token title and if you want it not to expire, leave the "Expire time" blank. An example is provided in the following snapshot.

Once you are done with these actions, the token will have been generated and you can copy it (ideally using the copy icon on the right side of the line) and paste it in the Module settings section of your PrestaShop installation.

In the end of this process you will have "connected" the application that you have created in e-satisfaction.com with your PrestaShop installation. 

Step 3 - Choose between auto or manual send after delivery and store pickup messages

We are trying to make everything ready for you but still we believe it is good to control what is been communicated to your consumers and how or when you send them something, especially via email. This is why we provide the ability to choose whether the sending of messages after the delivery or the store pickup will be sent automatically or not. This is done in the "Mannually Sending After Delivery/Store Pickup sending" which is shown below:

If this setting is set to Yes: The messages will automatically been sent after a certain duration, which you configure in the fields "Days after to send questionnaire" that can be found in the After Delivery Questionnaire and Store Pickup Questionnaire sections of the module settings.

If this setting is set to No: No messages will be sent by e-satisfaction.com. You can use the API of e-satisfaction.com to send the messages, asking for feedback (the API documentation can be found here)

Step 4 - Separate store pickup from home delivery

As detailed in this article, we provide two different questionnaires for the phases of store pickup and home delivery. You can define which of your orders are delivered home or not by linking the Carriers that you have setup in your PrestaShop installation to each phase.

For example, in our demo PrestaShop installation we have setup two Carriers (Shipping -> Carriers),

  • esat Presta - Our store pickup carrier
  • My Carrier - A courier service

This configuration can be seen in the following snapshot

To link each carrier with a store pickup or home delivery questionnaire you should tick the corresponding box on the "Condition to determine when it's after delivery/store pickup" setting in the add-on configuration screen. In the following snapshot you can see the "My Carrier" field selected as the Carrier that will be used to mark home delivery (after delivery) questionnaires. 

The same configuration should be done for the store pickup orders, by selecting which Carriers correspond to what type of shipping / delivery method.

Step 5 - Define when messages will be sent

The last part of the add-on setup is to define when to send after delivery and after store pickup messages to your consumers. For each of the above mentioned stages, you must define:

  • Days after to send the questionnaire: the time period after which an after delivery message (home delivery or store pickup will be sent (i.e. 5 days after order/shipping/Payment Accepted/etc.)
  • Order status(es) to send questionnaire: what will be the status that will begin the countdown defined by this period

These two parameters are defined in the module add-on settings page, separately for store pickup and home delivery orders, by checking the statuses you select through this screen:

To make this setting more clear, let's assume the following cases/examples:

  Days after - home delivery Order status(es) home delivery Days after - store Pickup Order Status(es) store pickup
Send the home delivery 10 days after the purchase 10 Payment accepted    
Send the store pickup 5 days after the shipping of the order     5 Shipped
Send the home delivery 5 days after shipping and store pickup 20 days after purchase 5 Shipping 20 Payment Accepted


Important note: The statuses that appear in the list shown above are retrieved by the statuses that have been configured (and updated) in your PrestaShop installation. It is advised to exam what each status means in your PrestaShop installation, before setting up this time frame.

Final check

After going through all these steps mentioned above, you should be up and running and the questionnaires should be displayed, collecting feedback from your customers. If you face any  issues in collection and you have cross checked that you completed the above mentioned steps correctly, please see these articles to make a quick troubleshooting. 

Of course we are always here to help and you can reach us at c.success@e-satisfaction.com, or by just using the chat box you see on the right.

Enjoy feedback, make them happy, make them love you!

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